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Products Catalog Page | Kitz's Carbide (Specialties)
Kitz's Carbide


Another good point as in most applications carbide blades can be resharpened and used again, saving the customer money on the purchase of new blades. Please contact a Kitz's Carbide representative for any questions you may have. We assist in the design of new blades as well as material application for new jobs, or just ideas on ways of improving existing jobs.

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Standard Blade size scale.

Smallest width .040
up to any size required

Thickness is what
ever is desired
+.003 or -.003

Height .250 smallest
to what ever is desired

Super finished machined
sides ranging from a #1
finish to any other needed finish quality.

Smallest width of
.040 up to any size

Smallest Thicknes is
.015 +or-.001 or -.001
up to desired thickness

Height from .250 smallest
to what ever is desired

We can hold tight tolerances if necessary.
We manufacture
different shapes,sizes and
configurations to best match the users needs.