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Kitz's Carbide (Specialties)


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Kitz's Carbide

Through our experience we found that the surface finish on a blade is extremely important. The fact that we grind by hand gives our customers, from a number 1 finish on up depending upon their needs. Many customers find that the better the finish the less build up of residue to the edge and blade, creating longer wear and less chipping. This all amounts to longer life of the blades

We have customers all over the world which we deal with. They use Kitz's Carbide because we have the highest quality products in the terms of sharpness, durability, and close tolerances. That's why they order from us over and over again.

Our customers know that when we promise a shipping date, we ship on or before the date. We try to keep an emergency product stock on hand for all our customers, because we know how costly down time is. We want our customers to be satisified and to continue to use Kitz's Carbide. We put extra special attention in to our products and customers needs.

Kitz's Carbide
2820 Old Lincoln Hwy,Bld.2
Trevose, P.A. 19053


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