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Kitz's Carbide
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Kitz's Carbide Welcomes You

Kitz's Carbide is one of the worlds precision manufacturers of carbide blades. Most every blade is made by hand to ensure the customer the highest quality product that can be offered. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce thin as well as thick blades for what ever our customers application may be. The blades on the pages to come are just a brief look at the many blades we offer.

There are many different grades of carbide from soft all the way to hard. There are an infinite amount of angles for the edge, which in the right combination gives our customer the best cutting blade available. There are some situations on thickness and edge angles that are not applicable for certain jobs, but we will give you advice on how to work around any problems that may occur.

Kitz's Carbide

The grinding process Kitz's Carbide uses gives our blades a surgically sharp cutting edge. Having been made out of carbide this gives them the recognition of having one of the longet wear times in the industry. A lot of my customers found that this longer wear time of the carbide blades saves them money, they wear longer then steel blades which creates alot less down time, due to the fact you don't have to change them as much.

Carbide Specialists
Please ask if any other
applications needed.

Blade Applications

Glass Fiber
Mat Cutters
Fiber Optics
Synthetic Fibers

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